1. How many intakes are there each year? When does the year start?

There is one intake every year. The Fall Term starts in late-August or September at the HKUST campus.

The program begins with the solid foundation in corporate finance, quantitative and computing skills, asset valuation and financial derivatives. MFin students will have the concentration option in asset management, corporate finance, FinTech, risk management or security analysis by choosing a different set of required courses. 

2. What is the class size?

The full-time class size is expected to be around 120 students in a typical course while the part-time class size is expected to be around 40-50 students in a typical course.

3. What is the course length and how many class hours will it cover?

For a 2-credit course, there are a total of 28 contact hours. There is usually one class per week for each course, so it takes 8 weeks (with the final week allotted for examination) to complete a course of 2 credits.

4. Is it possible to extend the length of my study?

We normally do not encourage students to extend their length of study. However, we do offer study extensions for students who cannot complete the program within the defined timeframe because of health reasons. All students must complete the whole program within 5 years.

5. Do I need a student visa for studying in Hong Kong?

Yes, students who do not have the right to reside in Hong Kong are required to apply for a student visa for entering into Hong Kong and studying a full-time or part-time master degree program. The Program Office will coordinate with the University's Office of Postgraduate Studies to arrange student visas for all incoming students upon admission and prior to the commencement of the program. The duration of the student visa will cover the whole period of study in the program.

6. What is the major difference between the part-time study mode and the full-time study mode?

The part-time study mode is mostly for local students or working executives in Hong Kong or nearby regions whom can only attend classes during the weekday evenings or weekends. It takes normally 24 months to complete for the part-time study mode. Students in the part-time study mode must have at least one year full-time postgraduate work experience in order to be considered. 

The students of the full-time study mode are mostly recent graduates or junior professionals who dedicate their full attention to the master study. The student body forms a diversified mix of local and non-local students, including the Greater China region, Asia Pacific, the Americas and Europe. Students attend classes on weekdays with a more intensive full-time curriculum. Students should complete the program in 12 months.

7. Will I be able to do program transfer between the full-time and part-time study modes?

Program transfer between the full-time and part-time study modes after program commencement is normally NOT encouraged. Students have to be clear about their interest and time commitment in either study modes at the time of application and admission, and commit to their enrolled study mode throughout the course of study. Transfer between the study modes is considered on a case by case basis only with strong reasons, and is also subject to the approval of the Academic Director.